Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All about stockpiling

I started couponing not long after I got married but really didn't coupon seriously. I would use a coupon if I had it and was buying that item but didn't really try to match coupons up with sales. I was working in Tuscaloosa in 2004 when some of my co-workers would pass around their weekly coupon inserts to share. I started seriously couponing in April of 2007, just a month before my son was born. I found a website, Hotcouponworld, that literally made me coupon crazy!! My user name there is Jennspen, so if you decide to join there, put me down as a referral - LOL! I realized that to save the maximum amount at the grocery store, I needed to be matching coupons with sales items and then obtaining multiple coupons for each item so that I could maximize my savings. Thus the concept of stockpiling became stuck in my head. I am proud to say that if anyone in my family were to lose their jobs, we would be OK for a little while. I will post pictures of my stockpile soon, until then, keep following to see what I am adding each week.


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