Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Great Mail Day!

I went to the mailbox yesterday when I got home and opened the door to $38 in rebate checks!! I would definitely say that is a good mail day! One rebate was for Science Diet dog food that I had bought Portia, our mini dachshund, and the other was for groceries. Both purchases I would have made regardless, so basically I got paid to send them my receipts.

I also discovered that my little boy is steadily outgrowing his tennis shoes we bought him at Christmas! Also, to my surprise, he is wearing two different sizes! LOL! One shoe was a 7 1/2 and the other is an 8. We aren't really sure how this happened......
So we bought him some new shoes @ Shoebuy.com. I went through ebates and will get 10% back in my paypal acct. If you make a lot of purchases online, ebates is Great!! They give you $5 after you make your first purchase and then different stores offer different percentages back. It's basically a link you use to get to the online stores you are buying stuff from. Another easy way to save a buck!! Here is the link for anyone that is interested - Ebates

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