Monday, July 6, 2009

Back again

Well once again it's been awhile since I posted. Life gets the better of me alot and I forget to update all the great deals I am getting. I have been really trying to use up the stuff I have in my freezer and pantry to make room for fresh veggies from the garden this summer. I generally have a budget of less than $250 per month for groceries. Last month I stayed pretty true to that but this month, I will try harder and my goal is to keep it less than $200. This includes all food and hba stuff as well as diapers/pull ups for Cade. I am participating in a contest at HCW where to challenge is to spend as little out of pocket for the month as possible. I am not in it to win because there are alot of women on there who have enough stuff in their pantries and freezers that they wont spend anything, however, its mainly a competition against myself. My goal really is to eat down the stuff that is in my freezer. So far this month (I'm counting since 6/28) I have spent $31.43. If I can stay around that spending amount each week, I will come out at about $160 for July which would be GREAT!! In the contest, if your OOP (out of pocket) is less than 10 cents on the dollar, it doesn't count. So for example, something normally cost $2 but after sales and coupons I get it for .20 cents or less, then it doesn't count. That is considered stockpiling. That $31.43 for the month does include 7 pounds of ground turkey and 1 pound of ground chuck. Yesterday I ran to Walmart for Popsicles that are $1 a box. I had $1 coupons so they were free. I grabbed 10 boxes. Between all the Breyers ice cream that's been on sale at Publix, the Popsicles and the Klondike bars that are BOGO at Publix next week, I would say that our freezer is slap full with dessert items!

The only deals I really see at Publix for next week is the Klondike Bars which will be .60 cents for each 6 pack after the BOGO sale and $1.25 coupon from the "Family is its own Reward" booklet. Lysol wipes might be a good buy, however, I really haven't looked at the preview enough to know yet. Michelle at IheartPublix has a great ad match up every week that is easy to navigate since I have had some people say that HCW is hard to figure out.

I think I'm back in the swing of things with CVS. I started off with $18.48 in Extra Bucks yesterday. I got 2 Dawn dish detergent, 3 tape, 1 pack of pencils, 2 pencil sharpeners, 2 Febreze noticeables, 2 Febreze fabric fresheners and 3 Febreze air affects for $2.88 and still have $17.97 in Extra Bucks. I am going to do the Febreze deal again.

How has your shopping been lately?

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