Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Publix Run

I was in Tuscaloosa this afternoon so I thought I would run into Publix to use some of the Green Advantage coupons that are about to expire. He is what I got for $15.77 ($7.08 of that was tax!)

4 Infusium 23 Shampoos
4 Infusium 23 conditioners
4 Noxema bikini shavers
1 insulated cooler bag (because I left mine at home)
2 packs of Pork ribs
2 packs of pork chops
1 vidalia onion
3 baking potatoes
1/3 lbs ham from the deli
Potato salad from the deli

Saved a total of $77.97! Pretty good for a quick run!

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