Sunday, June 6, 2010

Slowly getting back into the swing of things....

As the title implies, I'm gonna try and once again get back into posting on my blog regularly. I know some of you are probably laughing at that and I'm ok with that. I will laugh along with you.

Life has kept me busy as it does all of you. I took on the Publix moderator forum at HCW a couple of months ago. It has been a fun "job". I find that I am getting better deals because I am constantly in there reading stuff about Publix. I've had several people tell me that HCW is hard to navigate and it can be overwhelming. I agree. Because I tend to be on the OCD side, I read and read until I figure something out and I am sure that is the only way I mastered HCW. If you have questions or can't figure something out, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email at jennspen54@yahoo.com and I will help you! My screen name is jennspen on HCW if you need anything over there.

Publix has been good to me lately with lots of cheaps deals and moneymakers. My stockpile is full again and so I am trying to plan meals for the next few weeks using things I have on hand.

So here is my menu for the upcoming week. What's on yours?

Crockpot Chicken, okra and corn

Cubed Steak, mac n' cheese and cabbage

Chili Mac and salad

Lasagna, salad and bread

Taco Salad

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